Option to 'Not remember password' for specific domain

Hi there,

It would be nice to have on option to not pop up “do you want to remember […]” on specific domains, when using the web extension.

This would be very useful as I have a few websites I will never save the password for, or can’t, and having Bitwarden stop prompting me to save the credentials would be great.


Furthermore one cannot modify the domains which were already configured for not remembering the passwords. The only workaround seems to be a re-install according to this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitwarden/comments/85otf2/how_do_you_undo_never_remember/

So this feature should not only allow for adding new domains but also editing existing ones.

EDIT: Now it happened to me as well, I’ve accidentely added a domain for not remembering (and therefore not updating) any credentials. Where is this setting stored and is there already a way to modify it, if not via GUI maybe via CLI? I tried a re-install as suggested in the reddit post but for some reason it didn’t work, the domain still does not show the pop up.

EDIT 2: Apparently I misunderstood what @kspearrin was talking about in the reddit post. You only have to reinstall the app/extension if you want to reset the “never remember” settings. This is not stored on the bitwarden server but in the client config. That’s evident if you are running the extension/app on two devices and wondering why one of them is showing the save/update password popup and the other one does not :grin: Now that I understand the behaviour, is it possible to store this setting in the server instead of the client config so that it can be configured for and synced to all devices?