"Never for this site" doesn't work for one particular site


I’m new here, so apologies if this post isn’t right. I searched the web and this forum, but couldn’t find an answer to this question.

I’m on Windows/Chrome latest using the Bitwarden extension. When I log in to a particular site, Bitwarden prompts me to remember the password. Every time, I click “Never remember this site” and every time it asks me again. I went into the Excluded Domains setting for the Bitwarden Chrome extension and entered the root domain “site.com” as well as the subdomain that I’m logging into “sub.site.com” but with no effect (I’m still prompted to remember the password).

I’m a little reluctant to post the domain in question because it’s a financial site, and I don’t want to leak PII into public (about which financial sites I use). I don’t store these types of passwords in Bitwarden – keeping them in an offline (backed up) vault instead - I use Bitwarden for less sensitive internet sites (magazines, cooking, etc).

It’s not that big a deal, but since Excluded Domains is a feature, and it doesn’t seem to be working, I thought I would report this. I’m happy to DM about which specific site is causing the problem, or if anyone has specific information or ideas about how to fix this, I’d welcome the input.


ps I’m a recent arrival from Lastpass, and omg Bitwarden is so much better in every way – so I’m much happier with this tool than before.

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Hello @science - welcome!

I can replicate this behaviour with my old bank’s website, actually.


If I just type in nonsense for a login, I am forwarded to a page that brings up an error. But note that I am forwarded to a different server name, which is common for many online apps, including banking. In this example, I am forwarded here:


Check to see if your login page is on a different server than where you end up after login. For me, if I added www12.bmo.com to the excluded domains, I get exactly the behaviour you encountered. But as soon as I enter www1.bmo.com to the excluded domains list, Bitwarden no longer prompts me to save the login.

Hopefully, that works for you.