Unable to undo "Never Remember this website"

Hello. Does anyone know how to undo the “Never Remember for this website” for a specific website? I pressed it once by mistake and now Bitwarden doesn’t prompt to save credentials when I make a new account.

On the website open Bitwarden and make a new entry manually. The URI and name will be filled in automatically.

Currently there is no way to undo a “Never Remember for This Site” option nor is there a way to see the list, unfortunately.

There is a feature request for this that has been kicking around for a few years now at Ability to manage "Never for this website" domains

Although I personally consider this a “feature incomplete” and thus more of a bug than a feature request, which makes having to vote for it a tad disheartening. It seems half baked to have implemented exclusion via the GUI but not a reasonably similar way to remove the exclusion. Anyway, please vote for this “feature” if it’s something you want to see fixed.

Hi @forumer, I actually have a pull request here which will add this feature. This has been a reminder for me to go finish it, which I will do shortly :wink:


Hi @eliykat - I did see your PR, referenced at the bottom of the FR. Part of my commenting here was to simply complete the chain of reference (Support-FR-PR). The other part was to have people vote for the feature, with the thinking that your PR might not currently be a high priority item for inclusion (there are a lot of FRs with many more votes). I consciously tried to avoid getting into the PR here. Anyway, thanks for the effort. Hopefully your contribution can make its way into release soon. I still would encourage people to vote for the FR until it does.

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All good! It’s being actively worked on, I’ve missed the window for the upcoming release, but I assume it’ll be in the release after that. :slight_smile:


I found this thread now, in May 2021, when googling for “never for this website bitwarden”. I was both disappointed to see that currently managing this doesn’t seem to be possible, and hopeful since it seems the PR with this feature is complete or nearly complete. @eliykat how is integrating it into the next release going? Did the issue land in the backlog again?

I’m also hoping that this would help with my use case - in case of some especially sensitive websites (e.g. banks, main e-mail account) I prefer to keep the password purely in my head instead of the password manager, but I’d still like to keep the username and some other metadata (such as which e-mail I used here or the date of account creation) in Bitwarden. Currently, when I added such a website to Bitwarden with only username and no password stored, the Firefox plugin prompts me to update it every time I login there, which is kind of annoying. I was hoping that manually adding the domain to excluded domains would help me achieve my goal - which is “keep the username as is and auto-fill it, but never prompt me about updating my password there again”.

I have my fingers crossed for you finding the time to integrate the PR!

Edit: I must be blind, because I didn’t see “Merged” in the PR when I was writing this post and I only noticed it now, when I was going to close the Github tab. I was also confused, because this feature doesn’t seem present in the desktop Bitwarden client, only in the Firefox plugin - does it mean that the “Excluded Domains” are not synced and they are stored only locally in the Firefox plugin’s user data?

Anyway, the functionality I wrote about works exactly how I hoped it would - yay for no more annoying prompts! Thanks a ton @eliykat for your work :slight_smile:

Hey @lukorn, I’m glad you figured it out and you’ve found it helpful!

You are correct that settings are stored locally for each client and are not synced with the cloud or between clients. Also, the “Excluded Domains” page is only in the browser extension, because only the browser extension offers to save/remember login details. We might look at consolidating settings at some point in the future, but that’s a task for another day :slight_smile: