Option to make browser extension window remain open and pinned (always on top)

Thanks, clicking the “Pop out to new window” button is the closest I could find, together with a program called DeskPins that automatically keeps the window on top.

I used DeskPins on Windows years ago and really missed that function on Chromebooks. But thankfully for those on Chrome OS you can now pin a window by going to chrome://flags and enabling “CrOS Labs: Float current active window”. I’ve been using this for months and it works great.

I love this request and strongly agree with it. It can be very time consuming for sites where the password box is gated behind having entered a username (T Mobile as an example). The pop-out is tough, because the button to open it is not available from within an entry, and also because once you pop it out, it forgets what site you’re on, so you have to search for the website you’re on.

Definitely my main frustration with this excellent app.

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This is great because before I had to search and view the item every time the extension lost focus. Now the pop-out stays open so I can copy each field one by one.

This is definitely an improvement, but the way I use BitWarden and my browser (Firefox), this could be streamlined even further. See, my browser window is always maximized. That means I have to alt-tab between the login window and the pop-out window to copy each field. But if the extension remained open when viewing a login, it would cut out all of those keystrokes.

I don’t think the extension should stay open all the time. I think it should stay open conditionally; there are certain behaviors that may indicate a user wants to return to the login. Before I elaborate, I want to reiterate that the pop-out helps with the following scenarios. These are merely improvements that I would love to see:

  1. Whenever I view a login and it can’t auto fill the current page, I usually want the extension to stay open after losing focus. I would imagine this is true for most people because you need both a username and a password to login to most websites.

  2. If I’ve searched for a login, that’s usually because it is relevant to the current page. If it’s relevant to the current page, I probably want to return to it at least once. I found a similar issue on the forum and one of the suggestions was to add the current page’s url to the searched login. That’s the best option if you know that that login should be used on that page. But sometimes you don’t know (yet):

    There are a lot of sites that do weird things with the browser location. As a result, sometimes a login gets split between two entries and/or sometimes I might have multiple logins to one site. Under these conditions, I might have to experiment a few times to know if the login should share the url or be merged with another.

  3. When I am in the middle of adding or editing a login, there’s a good chance I will want to return to that view until I’ve saved or canceled.

    I’ve seen this come up a few times and the requests usually get merged into Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data. This feature is extremely useful, but if the extension remained open, it’d improve the user experience even further.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m saying anything new here. I think the amount of similar feature requests indicates something is missing? I notice a lot of those similar features say what they want but not why they want it. I hope I’ve communicating that part clearly, but please let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything.

Thanks for your time and all you do here!

I can also add that I use multiple monitors and after opening the pop out I simply drag the pop out to the next monitor where it will stay on top and in focus while I perform the copy/paste functions on the first monitor. This literally takes one second to do and has solved the problem for me!