Keep Extension Open During Edit/Add Until Saved or Canceled

Feature name

  • Keep Extension Open During Edit/Add Until Saved or Canceled

Feature function

What will this feature do differently?

  • Leaving the extension will not close the extension (discarding all changes) when a user is adding or editing a vault item.

What benefits will this feature bring?

  • I can copy and paste values from other tabs/applications and continue editing the vault item without loosing changes previously made.
  • I can continue editing an entry if I accidentally click elsewhere on my computer without loosing
  • I won’t loose changes made (such as a password change, custom fields, notes) if I forget to click save before I click outside the extension
  • My grandma, who clicks everywhere accidentally, can use Bitwarden with less frustration.

Related topics + references

Several requests have been made due to the frustration of loosing edits using the browser extension.


  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
    Lastpass views/edits in a browser tab, which works, but that doesn’t seem to fit Bitwarden’s current structure, which is probably why the “Open in Tab” requests haven’t gone anywhere.
    The Eno from Capital One extension persists an open state (on the original tab) until you close it or click the extension icon. So it seems like this is possible.

Additional Note
I’d be fine with this behavior on ALL the browser extension pages, if it there isn’t a way to enforce this ONLY on the Add/Edit page. If we had to go that route, it’d be good to add a X (close) icon to the main window(s).

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