Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data

Thanks, I’ll pass it along to the team :+1:

The pop out button is the good solution, but the problem with it is that it is missing in “create a new item” form, and also it loses the form state (entered data) on popping out in other states!

@bw-admin can you fix this problems with it, at least? There is no technical limitations and it is not so hard to implement.

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Thanks @Murz I’ll pass the feedback along :+1:

hi, we’re 4 years past this, and we still don’t have a “Discard unsaved changes?” prompt :confused:

Another possible option: Auto-save (unless the user clicks cancel).

I was watching a coworker use a project management tool today. There was no save button, instead it saved changes automatically as he jumped between tasks and screens. My Bitwarden PTSD was kicking in making me scared he was loosing all his changes.

Feature name

  • Keep Extension Open During Edit/Add Until Saved or Canceled

Feature function

What will this feature do differently?

  • Leaving the extension will not close the extension (discarding all changes) when a user is adding or editing a vault item.

What benefits will this feature bring?

  • I can copy and paste values from other tabs/applications and continue editing the vault item without loosing changes previously made.
  • I can continue editing an entry if I accidentally click elsewhere on my computer without loosing
  • I won’t loose changes made (such as a password change, custom fields, notes) if I forget to click save before I click outside the extension
  • My grandma, who clicks everywhere accidentally, can use Bitwarden with less frustration.

Related topics + references

Several requests have been made due to the frustration of loosing edits using the browser extension.


  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
    Lastpass views/edits in a browser tab, which works, but that doesn’t seem to fit Bitwarden’s current structure, which is probably why the “Open in Tab” requests haven’t gone anywhere.
    The Eno from Capital One extension persists an open state (on the original tab) until you close it or click the extension icon. So it seems like this is possible.

Additional Note
I’d be fine with this behavior on ALL the browser extension pages, if it there isn’t a way to enforce this ONLY on the Add/Edit page. If we had to go that route, it’d be good to add a X (close) icon to the main window(s).

@tgreer and @bw-admin

What is the status of this ‘backlog’ improvement? It has been a LONG time. I see many times people being thanked for their feedback and a promise to take the feedback to the team, but no reports of what the team thinks.

What changes have already been put in place to address this issue? Perhaps there is a feature or config that has been missed by many folks.

If there is an architectural reason that such an improvement is not possible, please outline that clearly as a summary post that is current. Reviewing over 3-4 years of posts and not recognizing leaders’ usernames makes it very difficult to separate the ‘+1’ from the authoritative statements.

Just lost my password again. Can we agree that:
bitwarden MUST save and sync every password it generates BEFORE it can be used (seen) by user?

I created bitwarden drops passwords · Issue #5141 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub, maybe it will work better there. I feel here like in therapy group for anonymous bitwarden users

@Pavel_Niedoba Welcome to the forum!

You can essentially achieve this (and stop “losing” passwords) if you “use” your passwords always by auto-filling instead of copy/paste. Auto-fill will work only if the item is saved. So , instead of Copy→Paste→Lose Password, just do Save→Auto-fill, and you will never lose a password again.

Good tip @grb I’ll keep training myself to save passwords and auto-fill (as suggested). Or open the extension in a pop out window for other changes. This will get me by (once I’m well trained) for password resets.

@Pavel_Niedoba In the event you or I don’t use @grb’s tip. At the bottom of the generator tab is a “Password History” button that has recently generated passwords. I think this only shows locally generated passwords, so you’d have to be on the same device/browser and have a rough knowledge of the date/time. That has saved my bacon a few times.

Even with these helpful tips, all the current suggestions require foresight, thought, and effort on my part, which I don’t always have in the moment. I know very well how Bitwarden behaves yet, just yesterday, I lost a bunch of work when I tried to copy text from a webpage to add to my well written (and soon to be obliterated) note.

I hope Bitwarden will address this so that those new (and experienced) to Bitwarden can edit vault items (including password resets) without accidentally loosing unsaved changes by clicking outside the extension.

Did this ever get any attention? Please add an “Are you sure you want to close?” when clicking away from browser integration panel. Adding to secure notes and clicking away to copy some data to paste into Bitwarden CLOSES the panel without warning, losing any added unsaved data.


Thanks for the feedback, the team is working on Manifest V3 support, I’ll pass it along.


I keep information in Bitwarden Notes. I wanted to split up a note and so I cut (Ctrl X) text, created another note, then pasted the text into this note. I misclicked into the brower window and now everything is gone.

This is known since 4 years, the consequences of the data loss can be brutal, a fix should be easy (?). I am baffled.

Thanks for the feedback! In the meantime, if you’re using Firefox/Vivaldi/Opera, you can use the sidebar function and then pop-out another instance of the extension to create two persistent experiences (or pop-out twice).

When switching between passwords, I will often press the Esc key to close the current item dialog so I can search and open the next one.

However, when creating a New Item, sometimes I habitually click Esc withing clicking Save first. This results in losing all the details of the entry I was working on, including the password. Each time I then have to go through a password change request for the site.

If there was a simple confirmation dialog for unsaved entries, that would alleviate this problem dramatically. Personally, I can’t see someone entering all the details for a new item and then abandoning it on purpose very often. Confirming whether or not this is a mistake the user is making would prevent some headache.

An alternative solution would be to autosave changes without having to actually press Save.

This could also apply to editing an existing entry too, I suppose. And possibly closing the dialog with the ‘X’ button, not just escaping out of it.

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Bitwarden vs. TransOver

Look, I will immediately supplement my own post!
While I was reading the last paragraph, I remembered that Vivaldi and EDGE browsers have the ability to create sidebars.
The upper arrow points to the address of the extension in Chromium

chrome-extension://nngceckbapebfimnlniiiahkandclblb/popup/index.html ?uilocation=popup window#/tabs/current

And it works!!! Oh my God! I have been looking for this solution for a long time, and today I found it.

There are 2 thoughts on this:

  1. The sidebar in 99% of cases is intended for favorites.
  2. The extension on the sidebar does not track the address of the current site. Bitwarden, can this be improved?
  3. The ideal option is a clothespin, a hairpin, a pin. Like the one who won this battle of extensions TransOver :slight_smile:

Here is a completely working, but temporary solution.
I haven’t tested EDGE, but I think it can do it too.

Please, I have to register just to create this issue (and I saw this issue was created from 2019), this is a constant pain when using bitwarden chrome plugin, could this be prio anyhow?


here, this is a year-old video.
BitWarden, make pinned window
My need has not passed. I can’t figure out who needs the application if going outside of it unexpectedly closes it, and resets all unsaved changes.
The external window sends to your site. But I do not need to enter a login on the site if I am satisfied with only the application.
It’s just a nightmare. After all, I did not invent this clothespin - it will soon be on computers for 100 years. It’s about simple fixation.
A year has passed, but I am constantly stuck in the fact that all the data must be copied to the clipboard in order to paste it into a note and drag it out by fields from there.
But to do this, you need to assemble this clipboard into 1 pile in a text file.
This is not a normal job.
Perhaps there is an option to make a full-fledged sidebar for embedding in Google Chrome? (although I use Vivaldi), maybe there will be options to transfer it to Chromium users.
Make a trailer, a hairpin. Upgrade your app.