Edit from browser extension should open new tab in browser

Feature name

  • Edit in new browser tab rather than in the browser extension

Feature function

  • At the moment, clicking on Edit in the browser extension just opens that item in the browser extension, which is problematic for a couple of reasons 1) If you click away from the extension without saving you lose the information and have to start again; 2) it’s very hard to read the passwords as the text is small and the numbers are in blue.

With Lastpass, when you click on Edit it opens the item in a new browser tab, which is much better as then you can switch between tabs to collect the information you need to edit/add and it’s much easier to read the password. This is necessary for some sites like banking, which require you to enter random characters from your password (like character 3, 7, 9, 15). At the moment, with Bitwarden I have to copy my password from the browser extension and paste it somewhere else where I can read it, which is not good from a security POV, whereas with Lastpass I never had to do this because I could easily read the password in the browser tab.

This will affect the browser extension.

As a workaround, if you open the extension in its own window, by clicking the little arrow icon at the top left, you can leave the edit window to go to other tabs and collect any info you require. Anything you’ve entered isn’t lost when clicking away.


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Thanks. That’s helpful when editing items but it’s still too hard to read the password that way.

As I have to enter the characters manually, it doesn’t really need to be in the password field and I can store it in the Notes box, where at least it doesn’t make the numbers blue but the font is still a bit too small to easily read it and it’s much larger/clearer in Lastpass when the item is opened to edit in a new tab (a new window is probably better though, as it’s easier to switch between windows rather than trying to find the tab amongst 30 others).