Option to disable "Logged in as XXXX on bitwarden.com"

Hi All,

Please add an option to disable “Logged in as XXXX on bitwarden.com” message in all Bitwarden apps (web, mobile, desktop).

This is for privacy reasons: if someone will use the same device for whatever reason, then they can easily see which email is linked to our Bitwarden account.

Why should someone know this? - we already know our email address and it should not be visible for anyone else as it can potentially create a weak point, especially, if 2FA is not enabled, etc.

It is a good privacy practice to keep a separate email for each sensitive category (banking, password managers, etc) so we should have an ability to disable that message altogether so that no one will see the email which is linked to our account.

Corporate users or other users who need this message can still enable it from within settings so it should be optional.


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