Allow hiding bitwarden email from Send

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Allow hiding Bitwarden email from a Send

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When receiving a Bitwarden Send, the top of the message reads “Bitwarden user [email protected] shared the following with you”. I would prefer the ability to send a message without including any identifying information if I don’t have to. My email is best-case unnecessary personal info, worst-case a security issue (if I’m sharing a password with someone for example, there’s a good chance the email I use with Bitwarden is also the email I use with that account, meaning somebody else clicking the link gets extra information related to the account.)

Related topics + references

The popular, which offers a similar service to Bitwarden Send, warns that

Emailed passwords are usually sent with context to what they go to or can potentially be derived from email username, domain etc…

Including my email in my Bitwarden Sends discloses the same information, making it less secure vs just including my password without context.

I support this. I use a separate email alias for my BW account (security through obscurity, but also to allow for credential leak monitoring) so the recipient will be wondering why the email address is different from my normal one

This is something I can get behind. Hiding the email address should be the default or masking it like ab*****@g****.com.

Came here to say this. Perhaps we can configure an actual name in our profile to show up instead or I would be find with the masking as noted above. I really don’t want to share my Bitwarden email address as it is unique and ONLY for Bitwarden.


Mee too. I use a special email address for my Bitwarden account that is never used for normal correspondence. Bitwarden Send automatically exposes my email address, so I can never use this feature.


Yes, a name for the Send feature will be the best option IMHO

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User can be provided options:

  • Show full email address,
  • Mask email address,
  • Show “User-Input” name, or
  • Hide identity (everything).
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Sometimes need to post links in forums.

Bitwarden Send is an awesome feature. Thank you for that.

By default, email should have been hidden to receiver. Sender should also have the ability to input/choose what make names or email they want to add in the send message. Hope to get up votes more in this request. Thank you.

Email address - is the login! It should never appear there at all. In general, there is no need to use any sender ID there.

Thanks for all the feedback! The initial thought was to allow recipients to identify/confirm who was sending the file/information. We are going to add an option to hide the email soon.


ETA on this would be nice. I could start leveraging this feature once it’s released. Thank you for the swift response. You guys are awesome. does this well, they ask you to set a display name for the send.

I will be holding off on using this feature until hiding/masking is available.

In the meantime, it should definitely warn users more effectively that they will be exposing their email.

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Just another user, but it looks like hide email feature should be available in next release or so.

I see the feature has been added to source code, e.g. for Web Vault: Hide email address in Sends by eliykat · Pull Request #895 · bitwarden/web · GitHub

Bitwarden will still need to do release planning and probably do some beta testing/etc.

Releases appear to be around once per month, so hopefully sometime in April.

Fully back this 100% I would love to see this become a thing

Came here to request this, saw it was already requested, and also see it’s been implemented (just waiting for public release). Bravo! :rocket:



I just discovered the Send function : it is great ! But i don’t want to display my account email.

Do you know when the hide email option will be added ?


EDIT : Added in the beta Android :slight_smile:

Early next week is the target :metal: - as you’ve seen it’ll be available when the apps are updated.


All set - available now!