[SOLVED] Send: please don't show the email of the sender!

dear developers,

your product is all about security, but when sending someone a “send” the website (where the recipient can see the private data) says with the first sentence there:

“Bitwarden user XXXXXX shared the following with you”

many people are using a hidden email address with bitwarden because it would be stupid to use the same email for the birdwarden account I already use in my daily email live.

but sending someone a “send” exposes the email Adress of the sender, that’s extremely unnecessary.
if the sender uses a different email for bitwarden than in his daily email correspondence, than the recipient is more confused at all.

showing the email Adress of the send sender is useless, unnecessary and against every principle in the context of security and safty.

I would be happy to use that feature, but with presenting my hidden bitwarden email Adresse, I must be a fool using this.

please remove that or at least provide an option to hide it.


There is already an option to hide the sender’s email, so I will marked this as SOLVED.