How do I hide email from login UI

Hi Everyone!

I am new to BitWarden, and VERY HAPPY with it!

I have though been unable to figure out how to hide my email addy from the login UI of both, the Desktop and the Browser apps.

I really don’t want my email exposed just because the App & UI have been opened, by anyone poking around.

Where am I missing the setting?


1 attached image for clarity…

BWdesktopLogin_2 - Copy

Currently this feature does not exist. There however is a feature request you could vote for:

Hi Peter_H,

Biggie thanks for the fast reply!

As per “Currently this feature does not exist.”

Really? Wow, that is probably the only thing that I will miss from LastPass.
BitWarden really is better in all other regards, in my opinion.

I will use the link you supplied and go for the vote.

And for the record, in case I wasn’t clear…
I’m suffering the exposure on the Desktop App as well as the Firefox extension.

I really hope they get this cleared up soon.

Thanks again!

I just up-voted the request.

I’m stunned there are only 17 votes including mine.

I really hope BitWarden takes this exposure issue seriously in spite of the low up-votes.

This really is a great product.