Option to hide email reference from the UI

The Firefox Bitwarden extension displays the e-mail address of the user both when signing out, and more importantly when signing in.

This seems like a very simple security threat to fix, that should not have existed in the first place.

If users want the extension to show their e-mail address, I could see where that would be a “New Feature” request, but the way it works now is a bug/vulnerability/dangerously lazy design.

When can we expect a fix?

Thanks for the request! The way it is implement was actually asked for by the community specifically in 2018-2019.

I’ve changed your request to reflect an ask for an option to hide the email address from the UI.

This would be a great addition. And how about some image or identifier that it is the correct account where I am typing my password in that I could verify easily without a stranger knowing what it means?


Are you saying Bitwarden has known about this issue for years and chosen to do nothing about it?

That’s very surprising.

Can you please change the post back to the way it was?

It is a security issue, not a UI issue.

Are there any plans to fix this?

We actually did not have the email present in the UI, but the community requested it be added for clarity of the account that you are logged into.

We appreciate the feedback and will consider it a feature request to make this item a toggle, since there seems to be a great amount of energy both for and against email display.


Please don’t change this. This isn’t a security issue.
The extra paranoid user can always log out (and not remember email).

A google is a good solution. The default can be enabled and for those that want the extra anonymity/security, they can turn it off.

I’d still like a third solution as well with an image or an emoji combination that allows the user to identify their account without the email showing up.


How do you log out and have the app not remember?

I was under the impression that is not possible.

so when will we be able to not show others the log in e-mail address?

Thanks to OP for bringing this up. I noticed as well that I can’t “un-remember” the email address in the mobile apps, but in the browser extension. To be honest, I think it’s a minor threat (as the username + 2FA should provide the protection), but why leak information unnecessarily?

Hi, can we get an update as to when this will be fixed?

This is more of security tweak than a feature request but it is a little detail that should not be overlooked.

When I lock my account on the Android app, it states on the “Verify PIN” page:

Your vault is locked. Verify your PIN code to continue.

Logged in as [email protected] on bitwarden.com

This is where somebody who could peek at my phone get some information of mine just by looking at this page over my shoulder. I don’t want my full email address shown on a page that has locked out everybody else but the user. It should read r********@domain.com (with a random number of asterisks) at the very least so that peekers can’t easily see my email address, even over my shoulder.There’s simply no good reason to show any login info on the Verify PIN page. None.

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Why not just conceal part of the name and domain with asterisks when displaying the email so that both sides can get an idea of what email they are using without revealing their entire email address to onlookers?

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I would really prefer the option to fully omit my email and host. This would be a welcome third option nonetheless.

I would consider the first and last and a priority. A separate choice of (Included | Redacted | Omitted) for the email and the host would be great for those who want to customize.


Good stuff. I’ve included it in our notes about this item and Allow hiding bitwarden email from Send

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does this mean there is a release schedule now for this “feature”?

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Please add option the hide the entire or partial email address from the login screen.

Yes, this is a security risk of showing the log in email on the screen. It should be masked. This can reduced the chance of being hacked. This applies to mobile, desktop and web access. I see my email address being displayed all over the place. This makes me very uneasy. Especially anyone in the world could have remote access every single password I ever had. The less information being shown, the better.

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Honestly, it shouldn’t be optional. It should be by default, design and enforced. However, I would take optional if others choose to show it.

Whether it is a great risk depends on one’s circumstances. A computer in a large office is different to one in a single person’s house.

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