Show user email on lock screen

It’d be nice if when the Bitwarden browser plugin and mobile app are in a logged-in but locked state that it would show the email address of the user who is logged-in. For example, my wife and I share a computer, use Firefox with the Bitwarden plugin, and each have Bitwarden accounts. If I’m logged into Bitwarden but it has locked itself (ie: due to lock timeout) then it is unclear when she goes to use the computer as to which account is prompting for the master password to unlock Bitwarden.

This at least applies to the Firefox plugin and the Android app. I haven’t tried other platforms, sorry.

Desktop app too.

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Exactly the same situation for us - would be helpful to know which account is locked, rather than wondering whether it’s the wrong one, or I typed the password wrong.
Could even obscure much of the email address (e.g. “so*****@gm*****”) if there are any security/privacy concerns.

This seems to have been implemented recently! Yey! Thanks! :slight_smile:
Version 1.38.0 of the Firefox extension now shows which user account is logged in when locked.