Display email or an account nickname on Verify Master Password prompt

I use a pw manager on my work laptop, and recently made the switch to Bitwarden. I have an account for work separate from my personal account, so I am occasionally switching accounts. Different passwords, of course.

Whenever BW locks, I don’t always remember which account I was logged in to last, and the Verify Master Password window does not indicate at all.


So I can either enter the password of the account I want to log in to and have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, or I can click Log Out > Log Out > Log In, then finally see my email address.

I don’t know how many people use multiple accounts, but I imagine shared computers with multiple BW users have this same problem.

I suggest the ability to see the email address of the current account on the Verify Master Password prompt, If there’s some security reason for not displaying that, then the ability to nickname an account and have that display. At the very least it’d be nice if it didn’t take three clicks just to get back to the login window.

Why not use two different browsers? Or doesn’t Chrome allow for multiple accounts for browsers that will load the plugins that they use when you switch?

Why not just make the multiple-account user experience a little better?

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This was just implemented in v1.38.0 in the browser extension and on its way in the next desktop and web releases. You rock, Kyle!

Time to close this thread, @kspearrin.