Being able to immediately enter master password after clicking on extension icon

Feature name

Being able to immediately enter master password when clicking on extension icon.

Feature function

The browser extension already remembers the previous email address and displays this when clicking on the extension in the browser. See image below.

Currently, a user has to click continue to confirm the email address before being shown a second frame which enables them to enter the master password.

The second frame also shows the user the inputted email address with a link alongside saying “Not You?”. Clicking on this takes them back to the first frame and allows them to enter a different address.

Users will more often be logging into the same vault as that previously used rather than logging into a new one. It therefore would speed up the login process if users, when clicking on the extension, were immediately directed to the second frame and could enter their password to log in while still having the option to change the email address if desired.

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This only happens when you log-out of a client. If you just lock your vault, then you can use your preferred way (MP, PIN, Biometrics, etc) for unlocking your vault.

More information can be found here

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