Opt-out Web vault / No web vault

As far as I have found there is no option to opt-out of using the BitWarden online vault and not using your own online vault, I would like to use bitwarden without any syncing at all.

A large part of the point of using Bitwarden is syncing your passwords to a third-party server, not owned or controlled by a web browser’s company.

Although I certainly understand why you’d want to disable syncing your passwords with a remote server, I have to ask: what benefit would you have with Bitwarden over using your browser’s password manager and disabling password sync there?
And if you’re using the desktop/mobile app (which explains the benefit: one manager, multiple browsers), what about KeePass and its forks is insufficient? (And I assume you would prefer Bitwarden over KeePass for a good reason.)

My preference would be to host my vault on my pc or online wherever I choose to have it. I do not distrust Bitwarden, or any of the other online password managers for that matter, but they are potentially attractive targets for criminals.

Sticky Password has this, but it is not so great on my iPhone as it doesn’t integrate with Apple’s Autofill Passwords.

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Hiding the vault would not make it any more or less secure. In the end it still has to expose an API where the clients can sync with. The Web Vault is nothing more than a client using that API.
If you are hosting Bitwarden yourself and want another layer of security, you might host it intranet only and setup some VPN solution (WireGuard would come to mind). Then you have to connect your devices to the VPN first before you can modify (or if it’s the first time: access) your vault.

I think this is interesting for people who absolutely do not want to sync and store any data online at all. I used to store my passwords only locally, in my previous password manager.

It still offers an huge benefit over the browser password manager :

  • Encryption
  • Password authentication
  • Secure notes
  • Integration with multiple browsers (If the plugin communicate with your local instance)

Alright, points made AND I’ve thought about solutions more. Note that this is still in the brainstorming stage.
Not at all fleshed out… and kinda dependent on you being a programmer. So even more points off there. (I’m assuming that you’re not willing to shell out for Enterprise features, which I believe does include self-hosting your vault for your “employees.”)

Basically, Bitwarden’s product is open-source software. With the right know-how, you could modify the server and the clients to run on localhost (that is, your own computer). Not too hard for a skilled programmer. (Impossible for me.)