“Online-only" folders / selective sync / travel mode

Being a current user of 1password I have gotten to like the functionality of removing most of my logins from devices during travel and keeping only the bare minimum of data stored on the devices.

It would be great to see a similar functionality in Bitwarden, ideally allowing me to select which folders should get synced to apps, browser extensions etc. in the web interface. If a folder is de-selected for that sync it should not be visible at all in the app, basically appearing as if it doesn’t exist in the first place.

What do you mean by online only? Does this mean that it’s only available in the web vault?


Basically means it wouldn’t show up on the mobile app (maybe even the desktop app/browser extensions.)

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Correct, that is the idea. Ideally the logins would be available in the web frontend so they are theoretically accessible but they should not be stored locally in a desktop app/browser extension/mobile app. As long as I’m traveling and the computer is stored in unsafe locations (hotel safe) or potentially vulnerable to searches by border officials I want it to contain the absolute minimum required amount of data.

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Sorry to go off-topic for a bit, but it sounds like you need to look into encrypting your hard drive and using hidden volumes based on your threat model. VeraCrypt would be a good start to look at. Another option is to encrypt your hard drive, then ship it to the hotel so that during travel the laptop has no hard drive to look at.

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Your proposition seems better from a security point of view but what if we want/need to work during the 12 hours flight ?
The travel mode from 1Password looks better from a usability point of view.