Another n00b question - bypass syncing for some passwords?

using free version for tryout. using kubuntu linux 20.04.

i’ve installed the firefox extension on my desktop computer and like it. i’ve not yet installed bitwarden on any of my other devices. now i’m interested in installing the desktop app, also on my desktop computer. i’m thinking i might like to keep a few passwords separate from the cloud and my other devices, keeping them only in the desktop app. these would be for local-only devices and such. is there an easy way to do something like that with bitwarden, to use bitwarden generally on all of my devices but keep some passwords separate and only in the desktop app?


Hi @babag!

The desktop app could be logged into a separate Bitwarden account, but the credentials are all stored on a Bitwarden instance (server) - either our cloud-based, or self hosted. You could do self hosting on your local machine if you wanted it to be extremely local :slight_smile:

thanks! frankly, for the very local stuff, i guess something like a separate app like keepass might be a solution. that might be easier than setting up a server. was just hoping i could do it all in a single app and login.

Any particular reason you want to do this?

My printer configuration passwords are stored in Bitwarden. The printers are all in one building, one a couple of metres away from me as I type this. My view is that If I trust Bitwarden with my credentials for a variety of online services then it can look after my printer passwords too.

Any “super secret” password I don’t trust to Bitwarden, of which there should be very few, if any, can be written on paper, stored on an encrypted memory stick, stored in a Yubikey/Onlykey/whatever.

thanks again, davidz. this gets at the heart of what i was hoping for. if one is coming from a very rudimentary system, like keeping all of one’s passwords in a notebook or folder, this fragments the system into online storage and paper, yubikey, etc. i was hoping to avoid that fragmentation. it just seems counter-intuitive to send local-only info out to the cloud. an example might be a safe in one’s home. seems funny to me to send that combination out someplace. i was hoping bitwarden might have a way of integrating some local storage with its cloud database, offering the ability to separate its preferences as to syncing.

i am gradually coming round to the idea of keeping everything with bitwarden. i just want to try to think it through thoroughly and ask a lot of dumb questions so i get it right. don’t want to make the same kinds of mistakes with security that i made back in the day with email.

thanks again,

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I would keep everything in Bitwarden, as I see no advantage in not doing so.

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