Disable sync function - can it be done?

I’m considering switching to bitwarden from RoboForm. I have the sync function “turned-off” in RF. Can I do the same with bitwarden? If so, how?

To be clear, I do not want my passwords uploaded to a server in the “cloud”. I want a “local” password manager on my PC where my passwords are stored only on my hard drive. (Yes, I backup daily.)

Thx, Rob

Hi, What you are looking for is self hosting. You cant run the client without a server, but deploying one is fairly easy https://help.bitwarden.com/article/install-on-premise/

Bitwarden requires a server to function. You can run that server on your local computer if you want, since a “server” is just a program that listens for connections on a specific port on a network interface.

However, the data is not stored in “files” like normal PCs are used to, but rather are stored in “databases”, which are slightly more complicated to back up.

If you use docker it’s very easy, you just backup the docker volume and the whole bitwarden database will be backed up.

tl;dr no, Bitwarden is not a file-based password manager like Keepass. But you can run your own server for free (because the server side code is all open source and easy to deploy)

Thanks for the replies! I think I understand now.