Local database

I am interested in BitWarden but I am nervous about using the cloud.
I do not need syncing as I would only use it on my laptop, so I would prefer to have the database where I can see it, ie on my own disk.
I know there is a procedure to achieve this, but it looks complicated.
Has anyone produced a simple or prepackaged way to have the database local only?

@JW03 I guess you’ve seen the guide to “self hosted” bitwarden already. There is no easy way like “install & run”.
There is an inofficial docker container (Mprasil) which is much easier to setup. I used that for a couple of days too. But it’s always behind in versions, doesn’t support all functions and I want to have the original one. It runs very smooth on a NAS. I was using following more detailed description to do the installation:

Hope this helps.


Honestly, if that’s what you are looking for, you may consider a different password manager. The beauty of Bitwarden is it’s open source base, but with the added convenience of cloud storage for the average user.

There are several good password managers that you control the database yourself. I came from one of those. You can either keep it local, or you can sync it to your own cloud storage if you like. There are both open and closed or paritally closed source offerings available.

Bitwarden is just a bit easier for me to get other family members to use.


@JW03, given what you’r looking for, I’d suggest you take a look at Enpass.io.

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I would second that. Enpass is what I came from ironically.