Changing the database location for use with dropbox, etc

Is there any chance this will ever happen?

I currently use KeePass, and it’s really nice to know that my database is continuously synced to the cloud, so that even if I’m a bit behind on backing up my computer I won’t lose my all-important password database!

With BitWarden, if I don’t want to use the cloud service and don’t want to host my own server, it looks like my only option is to set an environment variable, which isn’t very user-friendly for Windows and Mac users.

Choosing where to store your data is a pretty basic feature of nearly all software, and it seems awfully strange that bitwarden wouldn’t have an easy way to do that.

Choosing where to store your data is a pretty basic feature of nearly all software

I strongly disagree on this. I can quote numerous online services that do not allow you to choose where to store your data :

  • Any web calendar
  • Any mail web server (who internally uses databases)
  • Lots of online document editing services, like Google Docs, Etherpad, Zoho docs, and counting

You should consider BW as an online service, not as an offline password manager with an option to chose where in your filesystem you want to store the database file.

One of BW’s major features is to provide an online sync and to be accessible nearly everywhere. In order to provide this, the service has been designed around a server providing an API that clients consume.
If you want to chose where to store your data, you have to host this web service yourself, and instructions are available. You can even ask for help here, we’d be glad to assist you in doing that :slight_smile:

I agree with Josh, I would prefer a solution that would enable me to use Dropbox or iCloud to store my encrypted password repository for use rather than a company’s website. This worked very well for me for the last decade using 1Password’s version of this.

Now 1PW feels like they have to gouge their user base for more money and push them to web solution subscriptions to stay alive. Their reviews are none too flattering. That is why I am looking at BW.

I would like to see a new company pick up on their mistakes and build a solution people want, not what you want to cram down their throats.