Not receiving verification email or request to join organization email

When I log in to the BitWarden vault, I get prompted to “Verify your account’s email address to unlock access to all features.” But, I have tried multiple times and never received the email. It just doesn’t show up anywhere, not even spam/junk folder. I even sent a support request about it, and it said they sent me a confirmation email, but I didn’t receive that either. I also do not seem to be receiving the request to join for my company’s organization. The weird thing is, I received the verification email for joining the Bitwarden community from the same email address.

I see this topic, which sounds like a similar issue: Not Receiving Verification Email

But, the result was that he was contacted by someone from Bitwarden support. So, I am making this thread in the hopes that support can see this.

Hi @ryubi and welcome to the community :tada:

The On-Premise Hosting section has some great info on setting up an instance and troubleshooting. Additionally someone from the community can chime in and help.

To get in touch directly with our support, you can use the Support Contact Form

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I am just an employee trying to join my large company’s Bitwarden organization. Just to clarify, I am not the one that is setting it up. I sent support a message directly using the Support Contact Form; However, I did not receive the confirmation email. So, I am not confident in them being able to follow up with me via that channel. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey @ryubi it sounds like you may need to connect with your direct manager or IT administrator to get more information on how invitations to the org are being handled.