Not Receiving Verification Email

When I log in to the BitWarden vault, I get prompted to “Verify your account’s email address to unlock access to all features.” But, whenever I try, I never receive the email. It just doesn’t show up anywhere, spam folder, email filter application, nothing. I even sent a support request about it, and it said they sent me a confirmation email, but I didn’t receive that either. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

It sounds like your mail server is rejecting emails from the domain

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think that is the case because I got the verification email when I created the BitWarden forum account which used the [email protected] email address.

I am having the strangest sense of déjà vu, I could swear someone had a very similar issue recently in the community but for the life of me I cannot come across the post or my reply. :male_detective:

I know I have come across some similar issues where my email client (Gmail) does not always show every single email in your inbox.
I cannot tell you a rhyme or reason for it, but I have previously had moments when searching for an email I know to be expecting, even searching directly with a keyword or subject name, i.e such as “Bitwarden”. Checking the All Mail option didn’t show, thinking perhaps it was caught in Spam or elsewhere but alas I cannot find an email I know should have been received.
Oddly enough if you know the sender email searching via the email address would always show the missing email. Again I cannot seem to explain the reasoning as there are no other forwarding rules etc that may be in place, but appears to be Google’s “infinite wisdom” to filter content that you may not interact with typically and is deemed somehow less relevant or important.

Perhaps something similar is happening in your case, I would try to search directly for emails coming from the sender address [email protected] and hopefully that may show your missing emails.

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Looks like it was an issue on the BitWarden side, someone from support reached out and said they fixed something and sure enough, I started getting the verification emails.

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