Not receiving Verification Email

I have been attempting to verify my email for a while, but I am not receiving the email.
I had a previous Bitwarden account which received emails without issue.
With this new account I have not received a single email for any reason (Sign Up, verification, failed sign-in attempts, etc).
I am using Gmail, and tried what this comment in this thread suggested to no avail

Also unrelated issue, but 95% of the time I try to sign-in I get

Username or password is incorrect. Try again

Despite using the browser saved login.
Then once I fail enough times and the Captcha appears the login finally works. Only issue is that I get Rate limited trying to force the captcha to appear

I ended up trying to delete my account. Also didn’t get the deletion email.
So I created a new account on a different email, then in the account settings changed the email address to the one I’ve been trying to use. I then finally received a Bitwarden email and now everything works perfectly.