Team members are not receiving organization invite email

I’ve recently set up my business account on BW and am enjoying it so far - except, some of the people I’m inviting to my organization are not receiving the invite email.

They have checked SPAM

I’ve sent an email to support about the issue but wonder if anyone here might know a solution. So far, nothing back from support.

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same here. I wish there was a way to add users without depending on Bitwarden’s email system.

I am having the same issue today as well. Others in my company used to see it in SPAM, now it doesn’t show up at all. Be nice if there was a unique link to share for that user which is the same link sent in the email.

@Carey did you ever get a response from the support team? I contacted them as well.

I just had the same thing happen trying to add team members. I’ve also contacted Bitwarden support.

I will reply to my own comment here.

For what it is worth, we were able to receive those missing emails. How? Well… we are using Office 365 and it decided to randomly quarantine some of the emails from bitwarden, with the email from addy of [email protected]. Grrr… Thanks 365.

This was also confirmed by Bitwarden Support, just then :slight_smile:

Same here, also using Office365. I located all of the messages in Quarantine. For those that don’t know, log into your Office365 account through web interface, click the squares in the upper left and navigate to Security > Threat Management > Review > Quarantine.