There is no ‘Verify email’ button in my Bitwarden account, but the email does not require verification either

I have created an account using the invite from my organisation, but I am unable to verify my email.

I do not receive any emails, and I do not have the ‘Verify email’ button in my account either. Everything looks like my email was already verified, why so?

Hello Nataly and welcome to the community!

I am not an org user. But here is a suggestion if you would like to try: log into the web client ( ) to confirm email. According to Bitwarden, there is a confirmation process even if the user creates an account from an organization invitation. Create your Bitwarden Account | Bitwarden Help Center

A typical non-org user will get a welcome email, and a new device login whenever they uses a new client (browsers - different vendors, desktop, extension, mobile). If you login on a new client, and never get an email, it’s probably because you haven’t confirmed your email. Documentation about new device email is at Emails from Bitwarden | Bitwarden Help Center

If you can’t find a Verify Email function in your web vault, and don’t get any emails from Bitwarden, you should contact your admins. They might have to contact BW customer support to resolve this issue. Getting alert emails are very important as the alerts will allow you to detect unauthorized access/attempts; you may also need your email to export the vault or delete your account.

Thanks a lot! The thing actually is that I log in to the web-version and it does not have an option to Send email, while my email address is still unverified.
Anyway, I have no issues using Bitwarden. I wanted to know why there is no email verification required from me.