"No items in vault" in chrome at first attempt to auto-fill

In Google Chrome on Android in Incognito Mode when i try to autofill ( Auto-fill Accessibility Service) i get : “There are no items in your vault for com.android.chrome.”
If i turn bitwarden off and open it again ( from notification) it’s ok - without doing any other steps or clicks.
It happens just on some websites - for example always on pornhub.com, always/sometimes on wolfram.com and others.

I have also noticed this issue. It seems that bitwarden is picking up chrome as an APP rather than as a web-page initially. It would be good if “com.android.chrome” could be excluded entirely (skipping to website logins) or if when “com.android.chrome” is the app it would also try again and search for website logins and display them all together in one list.

I always recommended bitwarden but now it gets worse and worse.
It’s really annoying - now i need to open, close and open second time to get password almost every time on every websites. I tried to reinstall but it didn’t help. Sometimes i need to wait one minute to get password - I don’t know why is lagging so much, i have Samsung Galaxy S8 (no other app working at the same time, more that 50% free memory) - every other app is working well.