There are no items in your vault for


Hi, when I try to use bitwarden on chrome on android I always get “There are no items in your vault for”


You need to add the android url as well:


Are you saying that needs to be added to every login??


If you are visiting the website and the app separately , yes.


Let’s say I use Chrome to visit a website on my phone that does not have its own Android app. Let’s also say that I have a stored login in my vault that, when I visit that same website on my desktop PC, autofills without issue. Shouldn’t it also autofill on Android without me having to add the Chrome URI to the vault entry? For known web browser apps, BitWarden should not require this. It should work just like it works on the desktop. I swear it used to. But of late, not so much.


No this is so wrong, chrome should provide the URL if the webpage. If you see “androidapp://” something went wrong. I have seen this behavior with 1Password too.
In my case a restart of chrome or reboot of the phone helped. Something between chrome and Android’s autofull-api must have be stuck.


I’m a new user of Bitwarden and am experiencing this issue too.

I’ve imported a number of saved Google Chrome passwords using a CSV file. Whenever I visit one of the websites, I get the message “There are no items in your vault for”. The Bitwarden popup appears so I’m a bit baffled as to what’s going wrong.

I’d love to switch to Bitwarden from Chrome Password Manager but this is a major stumbling block.


The Bitwarden blog post on using the Android Autofill Framework appears to answer this one:

Currently the Autofill Framework only works with native apps on your device. This means that the Autofill Framework cannot detect forms from websites in your web browser. Google has said that they will make the Autofill Framework available in the Chrome mobile browser in a future update. We’ll be sure to support it as soon as it is available.

Unfortunately that makes it pretty much unusable for me at the moment. How can I move from using Chrome’s password manager to Bitwarden when it won’t autofill when I’m browsing on my phone? :confused:

Incidentally, I think it’s a fantastic product and I’ve paid for Premium. I just can’t start using it until this issue is resolved.


That statement can’t be true, as chrome should support it by now on Android 8+ and it does work on a lot of occasions.


I’m stumped then. I can’t get it to work in Chrome on Android at all. Works great on my Windows laptop.

Edit: Turns out to be a known issue with the latest Android version of Google Chrome…

It’s affecting other password managers too, not just Bitwarden. The workaround for now is to use the Autofill Accessibility Service.