The autofill setting is a blank content in the saved account password.

My chrome shows bitwarden version: Bitwarden version: 1.56.6
My bitwarden is running in docker and the version is: Version: 2.25.0

I now add a new account, click on edit, and I can see that the autofill has this confidence:

However, when I check my existing stored accounts, this option is blank, which prevents my account from auto-populating, and when I open the page, I need to edit the account one by one to select it:

Hi @wyfang, you can find more documentation on URIs here. If that doesn’t solve the issue, can you share a little more detail on the issue you are experiencing?

I’m almost sure that’s the box for folder organization. And it’s a little bit harder to create folders with the mobile app, so for new users it will be blank with nothing to choose.

But still, unrelated to autofill.

Hello @wyfang - welcome!

It looks like your default auto-fill setting for the browser extension is not set properly. Within the extension go to Settings → Options → Default Autofill Setting for Login Items and choose to Auto-fill on Page Load.

If that setting is already selected try changing it to the other option (Do not auto-fill), logout of the extension, log back in again, and reset it back to the desired option. That may fix it. Cheers!