New to BW, got 3 problems, icon not showing up in Firefox toolbar, doesn't auto ask for new logins, doesn't autofill username and paswords

As per title, am new to BW, but am having these essential problems. Am using Firefox 114.0.1.

Hi. As a first port of call, could you click the little jigsaw piece icon at the top right:


Then choose “Extensions” from the list on the left, and see if Bitwarden is included in your list of installed extensions? If it is, is it enabled?


Yes and yes. :slight_smile:

There are instructions here for pinning the extension, but I couldn’t get it to work on my version of FireFox (102.12.0esr). What did work, was to go to View > Toolbars > Customize Toolbar…, then right-click the Bitwarden icon and select “Add to Toolbar”.

Next, open and unlock the Bitwraden extension, and click on the “Settings” (:gear:) icon at the bottom right of the extension window. There, make the following changes:

  • Click Auto-fill, then enable Auto-fill on page load; click “Back” to return to the main Settings page.

  • Scroll down to the “Other” section, click Options, and enable “Ask to add login” as well as Ask to update existing login".

Finally, in FireFox, enter about:preferences#privacy in the address bar, then scroll down to the Logins and Passwords section. There, disable all options (especially the “Autofill” option and “Ask to save” option). Also click the “Saved Logins…” button and delete all logins saved by FireFox (assuming that you have already imported everything into Bitwarden).