Unable to start Bitwarden extension - missing badge in Firefox

I have installed the BW Firefox extension and disabled Firefox autofill.
However, I cannot get the extension to start - i am not able to log in to vault, as the badge does not appear up top, it does not appear in any context menus nor the dropdown settings. Running latest version of Firefox.

if you are using bitwarden self-hosted, you have to set your bitwarden url in extension setting and then login.
Which Product and What version are you using exactly?

Hi, using the BW cloud. I cannot make the BW extension appear anywhere to login to my vault.

Hey there, this should help: https://bitwarden.com/help/getting-started-browserext/#pin-the-extension

You can also use the Firefox sidebar button: Use the Firefox Sidebar to access bookmarks, history and synced tabs | Firefox Help

click (left or right mouse button) on manage extensions toolbar icon brings up only 1 extension (not BW) - BW is not shown, and therefore cannot be pinned, and therefore BW cannot be used on FF. I am running the most current version of FF. Any other options? I have tried removing and reinstalling the extensions several times

I have the same problem!

I have the same problem too.

I can’t get any extension to install properly or work in FF. Running newest version. Five different ones are currently marked as installed and enabled, but none are working.
Check out my FF problem report - probably a FF problem, not BW: Many extensions not running in Firefox for Windows | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

I had the same problem after upgrading to Firefox 109. What worked for me - go to the Bitwarden extension in FF and click on Allow in Run in Private Windows.

Thanks, that indeed worked! Clearly a bug in FF.

Had the same problem installing to an updated Microsoft Browser. This solved it for me for both browsers.

Solved - Go to Manage Your Extensions / click on the 3 dot dropdown for Bitwarden and select Manage / go to Run in Private Windows / and select Allow.

Semi false alarm on the fix. The above did not work for my wife’s laptop.

Firefox 109.0
Bitwarden extension 2023.1.0

Unable to open the vault (by fingerprint) in private window under firefox.
We loop on the login.
Also no badge (locked)

Firefox 109.0
Bitwarden extension 2023.1.0

Did not work for me. Badge doesn’t show up on Firefox 109 on Fedora 37. I can only open BW if I click my way through the extensions manager.

Hey all, if reinstalling the browser extension doesn’t resolve the issue, you may want to refresh Firefox: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings | Firefox Help

Cant get the BW add on to appear on my Firefox browser too. Am on version 113.0.2 (64-bit)

Hey @subaiku is it an issue with installation or pinning the extension to the toolbar? You may want to update Firefox to the latest version and try reinstalling the Bitwarden extension.

To pin it, check out: Password Manager Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help Center

It’s an issue of pinning the extension to the toolbar. I have it installed. It appears on my extension list. But for the life of me can’t pin to toolbar. I have updated Firefox to the latest of my OSX, which is OSX10.12. I have seen that link you provided. My Firefox doesn’t have that ‘Pin to Toolbar’ feature. Usually extensions just appear automatically in the toolbar when installed.

I can access the sidebar though.

Hey @subaiku if you can see the puzzle piece icon, just tap that, and click the gear icon to the right side of the Bitwarden extension in the extensions list that appears.

If you don’t see the puzzle piece icon, you can right click on the toolbar to customize the functions present there.