Bitwarden Add-on, Master password is insecurely auto-filled automatically

When want I login into the Bitwarden Add-on, the Master password is already filled, I want to deactivate the auto-filled master password so I can manually type my password.
Because whoever would use my laptop would be able to automatically login into my Bitwarden!

My browser is Firefox Quantum 65.0.2 (64-bit), on Windows 10.

Hello there,

Your post is missing key details to help, Browser make and version, and Operating System.

Firefox Quantum 65.0.2 (64-bit), Windows 10

What happens when you create a new Firefox profile with just Bitwarden, is the problem reproducible?

I tried.
It works just fine on the new Firefox profile. I don’t know how to reproduce it.
But I noticed a message the first time I logged into the new profile. It probably has nothing to with it though.
The pop-up message was. [Would you like to remember the password on moz-extension://315ae596-a266-43c9-8c9b-7d801d238616?]
And it gave to option to accept or not, I chosed to accept it but the problem wasn’t reproduced so it probably is something else.

The idea wasn’t about how to reproduce it in a fresh profile, rather is it reproducible in a fresh profile? The problem lies else where. Based on what you just said, the builtin password manager should have been disabled?

What you want to do is open the link and choose " Viewing and deleting passwords".
Then you can delete saved password for BW extension.

Moreover, turn off built-in password manager after that. You no longer need it with BW.