Delete saved Masterpassword

Hi everyone,

I am newby and run my own Bitwarden server on an Ubuntu.
For example, when I restart Firefox and click on the add-in icon, I have to enter my master password.

Somehow it has memorised this and always suggests it, which is of course not the point. How do I get rid of this? I have not found it


In your Firefox browser address bar, enter about:logins and see if the password is stored there.

In addition, go to about:preferences#privacy and find the “Passwords” section, where you should disable the option “Ask to save passwords”.


in about:logins is nothing from my Bitwarden. I see it only when I start in Taskbar

That is the only way I know that Firefox stores passwords. Bitwarden itself does not remember your master password (and even if you had manually stored your master password inside your Bitwarden vault, the browser extension would not be able to auto-fill it while your vault is locked).

Thus, you must have installed some other browser extension or app that is storing and auto-filling your Bitwarden master password.

I have not really much extensions in my Firefox, Bitwarden and onetab, and 2 plugins OPENH264 and Widevine Content Decryption. I find nothing for saving Passwords. I also not think that Firefox do this, because, when I Enter a different Password no Question to change any stored password. This is the reason to this is the reason why I suspected that Bitwarden stores it, but not in the container

Maybe you can try a few experiments.

What happens if you do the following?

Open your browser extension by clicking the Bitwarden icon, then right-click in the browser extension viewport and select “View Page Source”. Look in the address bar of the tab that is showing the source code: the URI should look like this:


(where xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx is the code for your browser extension).

Delete the first 12 characters (view-source:), so that the address bar contains moz-extension://xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/popup/index.html#/lock, and then hit Enter. This should open the browser extension unlock page (“Indentität Verifizieren”) in a full browser tab. Is the master password automatically filled also in this case?

Also, go to about:addons and click “Extensions” in the left-hand navigation menu. For each installed extension except Bitwarden, click Manage, and then select Don’t Allow for the “Run in Private Windows” option. For the Bitwarden browser extension, select Allow for the “Run in Private Windows” option. Then open a new Private Window, and open the Bitwarden browser extension. Is the master password still auto-filled?

For both experiments, does the behavior change if you open the Bitwarden browser extension and disable the option “Auto-fill on page load” (under Settings > Auto-fill)?


when I use address bar “`moz-extension…” the password is set too.
When I use the private Windows the password is empty

In that case, use the “Manage Extension” method to select Allow for the “Run in Private Windows” option, for one extension at a time. After another extension as been allowed to run in Private mode, restart browser in Private Mode, and open the browser extension. If the password has been auto-filled in the extension, then you’ll know which of the extensions is the the culprit.

If you have allowed every installed extension to run in private windows, and the browser extension password is still empty (when the browser extension is opened in Private mode), then it must be Firefox that is auto-filling the password (when you’re not in Private mode).

In that case, I would ask that you please type about:preferences#privacy in the Firefox browser address bar, then scroll down to (or search for) the Passwords section of the Browser Privacy page, and take a screenshot. It should look something like this:

Hello, :slight_smile:
thanks, I found it. it was saved under moz.extensions


OK, glad you were able to fix the problem.