Firefox Extension Saves Master Password?

I’ve just started using Bitwarden with the Firefox extension and I’ve noticed that when I go to unlock the vault my password is pre-filled as shown below.

Is this normal? I wouldn’t expect the extension to store the password for my vault locally like this, as far as I can tell, Firefox hasn’t cached the password. This does not feel very secure to me as it would mean that my master password is stored on my PC somewhere.

Thanks for the help!

This is likely caused by Firefox itself remembering and autofilling the password. Have a look here:

I’ve had a look at this and there is no bitwarden entry in the Login & Passwords manager. So I’m not sure where the password is being sourced from.

Did you check your Firefox settings (not an add-on or extension)?

Tool->Options->Privacy & Security

Set FF so it does not remember passwords and clear any previously saved ones.

Additionally, if you are going to use BW, you should probably disable or remove any other login or password saving add-ons in FF.

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I agree, I had the same issue before figuring it out. Lockwise isn’t the issue for you Dylan. Just a comment on Lockwise, I used it too, but it was quite glitchy. And of course it doesn’t generate passwords.

So disabling Lockwise has stopped Firefox from populating the extension so I think this is clearly a Firefox issue and not Bitwarden. Not sure why Firefox picked up the password but isn’t showing me where it’s stored it though. Weird.

More or less. I have to use “KEE” as second password manager extension and KEE automaticaly disables the integrated firefox password manager if activated and re-activates it if disabled, Bitwarden doesn’t do this?