New Release Feedback Thread

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the 2022.05.0 release :+1:

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  • For desktop installation issues, please try performing a manual installation.

Expand and collapse is broke in the web gui, confirmed from two different devices.

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Expand and collapse is working for me on Safari and Firefox under iPadOS and MacOS.

The new reports page is great, and the updated interface seems cleaner and more elegant. :heart:

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@martin.ostberg Thank you for the report. The issue has been identified and a PR has been created [PS-779] Fix expanding/collapsing of nested collections by djsmith85 · Pull Request #1722 · bitwarden/web · GitHub.

@dh024 The issue only exists on nested collections. Expanding/Collapsing top level collections works as expected.


I have a really hard time seeing the indicator for number of passwords on a site using the chrome extension

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 12.48.39

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I believe recent color change to the browser extension badge is due to a recent Chrome update that we don’t have control over unfortunately.

Do you have news when an update for the self hosted server will be available to the new server version? Using the script.

Stay tuned, self-hosted is currently set to go out next week.

My Windows update just uninstalled itself without reinstalling the update. Had to redownload and install. I used the popup that there was an update available and pretty soon after I got a Windows message about removing a shortcut. I’m guessing there’s a configuration issue there…

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Same thing happened to me on Win 10. Bitwarden desktop app asked for a restart to install an update, but now it’s completely gone. After I pressed the restart button, a new message popped up that the Shortcut cannot locate the app and it was removed.
Now I can’t find Bitwarden in “Programs and Features” from Control Panel anymore.

Shell 16.1, Renderer 96.0.4664.174 Node 16.9 Architecture x64
I’ve experienced this on multiple machines now. The updater kicks off, then reports that bitwarden.exe is missing. Then it fails. I had to manually download the installer to get it to work.


Same here Bitwarden just deleted itself from my system. Nothing left in Program Files.

I can also confirm this report for Windows 10.
The program works as expected on a new download, though I have yet to update of course.

Win 10, same behavior. Bitwarden just uninstalled itself.

Same here. The browser extension works, but there’s nothing in Program Files.

Same here. Windows 11. Downloading installer from the website and installing manually fixed the issue - the saved account data remained on the machine.

Yes, same issue…

Thanks for the install issue feedback, the issue has been raised with the team, and being tracked on Github here. This issue can be resolved by performing a manual installation.

This is still not fixed in the web UI, any updates?