Update uninstall Windows client

Two times in two days another BW disaster. I can’t currently login to the Chrome extension, and when I tried letting the Windows client auto-update, it just uninstalled itself.

Is BW about to go bust? If so let us know so we can go somewhere else.

You are the only one that seems to be complaining of these issues. I would check your process.

Hi @doaks80, Bitwarden cloud services are fully operational. If you’re having a platform specific issue, can you provide additional details (devices and version numbers) regarding your setup so that others may try to help troubleshoot?

You can also try restarting your browser or removing and reinstalling the extension prior to logging in to see if that resolves the issue.

If you have a paid membership, you can also contact us here for priority support.

I am having the same issue on Windows 11 Pro.
Bitwarden desktop app mysteriously uninstalled itself after it was updated.

Hey @HEJohnsonJr, the team working on a fix for any installation issues. A manual installation should resolve the issue.