Bitwarden Desktop Client V2024-5-0 Broken

Howdy folks,

I have recently discovered that Bitwarden Desktop Client is broken on Windows & Linux. When logging in the vault is completely empty. I have reverted from 2024-6 to 5 and problem persists.

Version 2024-1 works. Browser add-on works with the latest. iOS app latest works. Not tested android yet.

After testing, Version 1 to 3 works but from 2024-5-0+ is broken.

This is with self hosted on premise I have not managed to upgrade because I keep getting a 503 Service Unavailable error.

503 Error (Unable to download run script from Received Status code:503)


Please post a screenshot the Dashboard of your Admin Portal, which displays your server version.


Thanks for the reply. Version I am running is Version 2022.12.0 however I am unable to upgrade at the moment due following proble.

Unable to download run script from Received status code: 503
http response:
Function host is not running.


This is the most likely cause of the incompatibility problem that you are now experiencing with the most recent versions of Desktop client app.

I would suggest making a separate thread about this issue, to get more eyes on the problem. Unfortunately, I am personally not able to help with your upgrade issue, as I don’t have the requisite expertise. However, reviewing the documentation on how to update a server instance (standard method or manual method), I don’t see any requirement to run a script from Thus, in your new thread, please provide detailed information about your system set-up, and about the exact steps you are performing when attempting to update the server.

Are you getting that error when you run ./ updateself?

./ updateself gives me no output what so ever. I am about to attempt to upgrade the VM as we speak. Just waiting for a snapshot to do it’s thing then I will try again.


OK. Still, since your root problem is an issue with updating or installing the BW server for Linux, I would suggest starting a new thread on that topic.

Just to update you, this can be marked as resolved now. Updated Bitwarden Server, Latest version of Bitwarden Client now works. Obviously the Server had a outage when I was trying to upgrade my pre-installed instance.