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good morning everyone .I wanted to ask yes as I do not remember the master password can I create a new account with my email? thank you and have a nice day

Hello @Marrio and welcome,

Sorry to hear you are having issues and forgot your master password. Hopefully as a new user you may not have many items just yet, or still are in the process of moving your passwords into Bitwarden and still have the originals.

If you have forgotten your passwords please review

You may be able to get a password hint emailed to you if it was set it initially, this may help you to remember your master password.

If you have indeed forgotten your master password, and have no other method to retrieve your account, then the account can be deleted by going to and entering the email associated to the Bitwarden account. You will receive an automated email confirmation from Bitwarden’s system, where you can verify the account deletion.
After this you can recreate a new Bitwarden account with the same email address.

I would highly recommend looking into the idea of using a master passphrase, rather than a password.

Passphrases will tend to be several words grouped together to make a long, strong, and unique master passphrase that can more easily be remembered by yourself.
I also recommend going ahead and writing this down initially and keeping this in a secure location such as a safe, or safety deposit box.
(Not much of a security concern, as offline paper hard-copies are significantly much harder to compromise, and unless you are being individually targeted the threat surface is minimal. Anyone else who may even accidentally stubble across it would not know what it is for, and only understand random nonsense gibberish)

There are multiple ways to go about creating a strong, random, and unique master passphrase. I tend to try and go for several words which can provide a strong mental image that can be visualized. While not making much sense is something that can easily be remembered after being used a few times through a week.
Bitwarden also accepts spaces in the master password field, and these are considered to be special characters, such as [email protected]#$%^&*()_+ etc. and add to the complexity of your master passphrase.

Many are familiar with the old “Correct Horse Battery Staple

This is an example of a passphrase, though nowadays this may not be strong enough for something as important as your master password, and so I would recommend something along the lines of 5 or more words.

There are several methods to creating these readable passphrases, some websites can generate the passphrases for you (typically this is done completely offline within the browser. This can be confirmed by loading the page, disconnecting your wireless or network connections, then generating new passphrases which should provide you with more passphrases. Just refreshing the page will not work until you restore your internet.)
Bitwarden provides a good utility for this with their online password generator, which can be set to “Passphrase” for the Type, and the Length increased to 5+ words.

Another common option is a method called “diceware”, where you actually roll dice to get a random number, which you can then use to pick a random word in a book, i.e. a dictionary.

A decent example of a readable and memorable passphrase that could be used for a master password would be something like

earthworms will unify your emerald laser

While not making much of any sense, it is something that can paint a picture in your mind and can be easily remembered and typed out. You can even capitalize, or add additional characters or numbers in as you wish.
I would also recommend to use these as suggestions to come up with your own random passphrases, do not use the provided examples for your password.

Last but not least


I highly recommend enabling 2FA and possibly having several 2FA methods enabled as well. Backup your 2FA recovery code when set up, and go about testing your 2FA methods and how you can be sure to get access in the case you were locked out of one 2FA method.


Come faccio ad eliminare il mio account vecchio?
Posso creare un nuovo account con la mia stessa email?.Grazie pwr il supporto vi auguro buona giornata

Hey @Marrio, you can follow the steps outlined in the Delete an Account or Organization Help Center article.