I forgot my master password

Actually it was a fresh new account and I write it down the master password on a txt file yet somehow I lost the txt file…

Can I recover my bitwarden account? I want to create another account with the same email address but it does not allow me to create with the same email. so that bitwarden acc. is gone forever, right? I hope bitwarden delete that acc. at some point, I was using a secure generated four word passphrase(56 bits) though. but from now on like I said I will never be able increase the strenght of that acc.'s master password unfortunately.
I cannot create another acc. with the same e mail address, can I? That email address is forever useless for creating bitwarden acc.? so I need to create another email first, right?

All that is needed to delete a bitwarden vault is access to the email account associated with it: Delete an Account or Organization | Bitwarden Help Center After that is done, you can reuse the email address.

Do think about this when you consider the importance of protecting your email account the importance of an emergency kit and the importance of backups.

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Thanks a lot for the help, Ive just deleted that account. so I can create another acc. with no problem with the same email address, right?


@user1231, you mean by this a text file on disk? Please use paper. :slight_smile:

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… and this paper is then called an emergency sheet and should contain also at least the used email address, server region, 2FA-recovery code and your strong export-password for the regular Bitwarden vault exports. :wink:

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