Multiple iOS Devices= Password 24/7

I have just come to Bitwarden after 7+ Years on Lastpass.
I have it on ipad/Macbook pro and iphone 11.

It keeps asking me for master password a few times per day even on the one device. It is driving me crackers :slight_smile:
Is this just how it is?

Nope. See here:

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Thanks for this.
I managed to navigate and do this yesterday.For all it’s failings Lastpass was the most simple to use without a doubt.

I am not sure why there is a app for macbook pro as it’s all done via the chrome extension for me.

Not working amazon on ipad but seems fine on mac os. Bye Bye Last pass!

Regarding iPad issue, it can help to disable native credential management (keychain) to avoid interference, you can also review Auto-fill Logins on iOS | Bitwarden Help & Support