Free Version - Newbie - issue with Ipad

I plan to upgrade to Family version as soon as I get the free version working on my relatively new iPad, Android Phone and Laptop.

  1. is default to use WEB Vault?
  2. Every time I try to fill the User name/password in an App it asks for master password multiple times. What’s wrong? I changed the App password on laptop and tried to Sync . Not updated with latest on IPAD… Restarted IPAD and then it had new password for that app.
    Any comments/suggestions would be helpful
    I do not know what all the TOTP and other acroyns mean. I had used Norton Password manager but Xfinity is discontinuing, A normal user would take forever to learn to use password managers in more than one device?

Hi @fdunfey, welcome!

The Web Vault is the easiest place to manage and organize your items. but I would say the most-used components are the mobile apps and browser extensions.

On your iPad, within the Bitwarden app. you’ll want to enable Touch ID to unlock if you have that enabled on your iPad. This way it will only prompt for touch instead of your whole password.

If you’re not using Touch ID, you can also enable a PIN to take the place of Master Password input, to make things faster.

Here’s a helpful article/video for iOS:

Thanks, I added touch I’d and and pin for unlocking.