Make better visibility of Unlock button in WebExtension

At now “Unlock” button placed in very bad place for usability, users don’t see it, her is screenshot:

Common location is below the password field, but now we see “Logout” in this place, that often clicked as “submit” for password.

Please place “Unlock” button (maybe duplicate of top button in old place) below the password field!

It would be great if anything in that position (e.g. Save) looked more like a button. I’m always overlooking that link because it blends in with the banner.

I agree, it’s very confusing.

I didn’t ever realize that “Unlock” was a link/button. What is it used for? I thought it was essentially just a label.

@dh024 It does the same as clicking enter (or checkmark) on the keyboard after filling in the password. Unlocking the vault from the dropdown menu in mobile website password fields.

However I do agree with the OP that the location of the button at the top is confusing as I have accidentally logged out with the large bar button underneath the password field.
Maybe the two buttons can be switched around?

I think Unlock serves as a useful label, so I would leave it where it is. If it has a secondary function as a hitting the Enter key, that’s doesn’t seem very critical. (Does anyone actually do that??)

So, the root of the problem is actually the button bar underneath that logs you out. Perhaps that needs to change - either provide a warning before logging out, or change it to a conspicuous button (like a big red X button).

@dwbit Pinging according to

Thanks! Yes, I’ve run into this one myself, for users who always hit enter it’s a non issue, but for those clicking, it can be confusing. Rest assured, I’ve raised this with the team :+1: