Improved Manual Unlock/Login Dialog for browser extension (Mobile has been addressed)

Feature name

  • Improved Login/Unlock Dialog UX
  • Visible outlines for entry of fields for login/password and PIN

Feature function

  • Make entry of password and Login / Unlock tap easier without having to reach top right of screen to execute command.
  • Easier one-hand usability
  • No guessing where to tap to enter login/password/pin. Field entry boundary not visible.

Thanks for the consideration. :slight_smile:

Hi @RobA1701! We are going to be swapping the buttons (unlock/log out) in the next app release :slight_smile:


Thanks, Trey! :slight_smile:

@tgreer I am not sure if my “issue” is addressed here - and the “next app release” has already happened as I joined only recently, but one UX issue I have experienced when installing Bitwarden for my family was exactly the positioning of the “unlock” (top right corner) and “log out” actions (I am primarily referring to the browser plugins here):

The “log out” action is of different colour, and positioned underneath the pin/master password field; not a single person in my household who did not at least once log out accidentally when trying to unlock - to me this feels like a serious UX issue. I get the consistency for the main action in the top right corner (edit, save, unlock, …) but I would argue UX over consistency :wink: Maybe a redundant primary CTA for “unlock” directly below the password field, and a secondary action to log out below - the natural mouse or finger movement is trained to go below the text field, and not to the top right corner (which is if I’m not mistaken an iOS design pattern)

@fkefer Welcome!

Hmm - we have long since swapped the buttons around. Make sure you’re using the latest version (v2.9+) and the button under Master Password is ‘Unlock’ - and/or ‘use biometrics to unlock’ if applicable.

This is what it looks like on Safari plugin

It’s the same layout on Chrome (macOS) or Edge as well. Maybe I am just totally wrong with this thread/thought though, I just see this issue and instead of tearing open yet another ticket I found this… so sorry for noise in case I mess up here

Ahh, I see! This thread (although not titled as such) was referring to the Mobile Apps initially. I’ll correct the title to match your request as you’re right - perhaps it should change. The browser extension experience isn’t so drastic though, because you can press ‘enter’ after your password and it will submit for unlocking.

Sorry then, was not clear for me - there’s an “app:browser” on it I’ve seen but that did not help make it any clearer. Got it now though.

As for the browser extension experience it being not so drastic given one can just hit “enter” - I agree this is true for you, me, and everyone else who made it this far to post on - or even read - this website.

For less tech savvy people, used to enter pins without pressing “enter”, it is a UX trap - at the worst imaginable point in their user journey: it usually happens at their first “retention activity” (when they have to unlock for the first time), before the value of a password manager is even understood and experienced - before the “aha” moment of the user. It has happened to 4 out of the 4 60+, non-tech-savvy people I introduced to Bitwarden

I also understand that 60+, non-tech-savvy people are not the main target group of existing users, which from a priority perspective this moves the wish even further down (I know exactly what this is like - I am product manager and deciding this is exactly my job). But password security is a topic for these too, and advocates like me are given an easier time when panic-phone calls with “I deleted it” or “I broke it” could be avoided :wink:

So yes, I stand behind the request for I think good arguments (I hope :pray:) but totally understand it’s one of many with a low priority given the current user base and business situation

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