Move Unlock Button on Pin Screen

Could we move the Unlock button on the pin screen to a different location?

Here’s the issue: Most other apps either automatically unlock after entering the pin OR the unlock button is right where your thumb is most likely to be after entering the code (i.e. under the text box and above the keyboard).

In the Bitwarden app the logout button is in this location and the Unlock button (the one you actually want to click) is WAY up in the most inconvenient location possible (the upper right).

This is really frustrating when you have to enter the pin multiple times a day. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve blindly clicked the logout button and caused myself more grief. Stretching across a large device to click the unlock button with one hand is also near impossible.

A small change to this screen would make the app significantly more user friendly.

The buttons will be re positioned in the next update. The pull request is open on Github and it should be merged pretty soon. For more info: