Login failure at Bitwarden Chrome extension

Hey there,

i have a problem with the chrome extrension of Bitwarden.
i installed Bitwarden on my Homeserver (self-hosted) on Proxmox and Portainer.

My Bitwarden works and i added some passwords, the iOS App also works fine and it´s possible to enter.

The only problem i have is with the Browser extension (tested it on Chrome and Firefox).
After i added my Server address, Email and Password, i got the following message:

“Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘iterations’)”

I started to search on Google for the problem but it´s very difficult to find a good way to fix that.
I hope someone of you can help me in this case.

Thank you in advance

@rpsn Welcome to the forum!
You may want to edit your post to replace the screen shot with one in which your email address has been obscured, since this is a public forum.

Also, it would help if you can provide information about the version of Bitwarden Server that you are running (see instructions for determining server version).

Sorry but you are right, forgot that. Now with new Screenshot.
Hope anyone can help me.

If you respond with the requested information about your server version, that may provide a starting point for further assistance from the community.

Here are the informations:

Server: 1.24.0

Client: 2023.2.0 (16. February 2023)

:astonished: That version is almost five years old and deprecated — upgrading to version 2023.2.1 should fix your problems.

Ahh nice thanks a lot. But i have one more question.
I am really new at proxmox / Bitwarden etc.

Is there a tutorial how i can upgrade the version? It´s running on Docker and it´s my first update :smiley:

Instructions for how to update the server instance are available here:


How did you end up with such an old server version anyway? Where did you obtain it?