iOS Bitwarden autofill with NFC (yubikey 5) opens Firefox app

I am new to Bitwarden (trying it based on the “Ask Noah” show recommendation), and I using it in conjunction with a Yubikey 5 series. On the desktop and Firefox plug-in, I’m good. I installed the Bitwarden app on my iOS device (iPhone SE 2nd Generation – iOS 14.1), and the app is set to log in and request the Yubikey 5 NFC, which it does in the Bitwarden app just fine – logs me into the app. I have enabled Bitwarden for autofill, and when I open an app with a password, it opens the Bitwarden app (app extension?) with my login, I enter my password, and then it asks for the Yubikey NFC device, which I provide, but that triggers a notification to “Open in Firefox” (I have the iOS Firefox browser) which goes to Yubico and reads the NFC password – but the Bitwarden app never sees it and I never get the autofill. I want to keep the 2FA using the NFC in the Yubikey. Any thoughts what I’m doing wrong?

Hey started having a similar problem. Wont work with the autofill method, but when I open the app it prompts me and accepts the yubikey nfc tap.

Did you end up figuring this out?

I got a response saying that BitWarden and Yubikey aren’t designed intended to work together in the manner I expected on iOS. I would be able to use Bitwarden for autofill on iOS if I disabled the Yubikey, or you can open the BitWarden app on iOS without autofill, but not together. Obviously, I want to be using the Yubikey.