I can't log in without Yubikey!

Hello, I seem to have an issue which I can’t figure out.

I have and iPad pro 7.9 (doesn’t support NFC) and my Bitwarden account is locked down with a Yubikey NFC series 5, It can’t be plugged into the ipad as it’s the ‘older’ usb 2/3 type key.

Bitwarden asks me to enter my password, then i’m shown a photo of a mobile phone and a yubikey and a button asking me to use webauth or NFC, however, NOTHING will work because my ipad doesn’t support NFC or webauth via browser.

Any ideas what to do? (I don’t really want to go down the whole buying a lighting version of Yubikey route)

How did you set it up in the first place ???

Here is the what you can do:
Borrow a device that supports Webauthn, NFC or USB like an Android phone or a Windows computer. Next log into https://vault.bitwarden.com. Add another 2FA method like TOTP and/or DUO. Install the corresponding app(s) on your iPad. Done.

Finally, figure out how to backup your data.


One question I have for Delboy. Do you have at least two yubikeys linked to your Bitwarden account? This is a good idea in case you lose one (or it fails)! My wife and I both have Yubikeys and I have a third one in a safety deposit box. All three keys are linked to both accounts.

If you don’t, when you get that second key, get one with NFC.

Another possibility is a USB-C to UBS adapter. I just purchased some of these and they are cheap. Here is link to what I am talking about:

You can also get these adapters without the short cable but it you have protective case for your IPad, the housing might prevent complete insertion of the plug into the socket. (A lesson learned the hard way…)


I actually set up without a Yubikey (kind of) and used Yubico’s software WITH the yubikey to confirm the 2FA code generated by the app. One day (for resons I can’t remember) I thought it a ‘good idea’ to use the Yubikey the traditional way, without any software, My PC and iphone worked fine with this as I could plug in/NFC with the Yubikey!

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Yes, I do. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, that USB adapter looks great and just what I was looking for! :slight_smile: