Bitwarden app on iOS using Yubikey

Hello all,

Am wondering if it is possible to setup the Bitwarden app on iOS with Yubikey? I am able to log in my Bitwarden account with a web browser using my Yubikey (with two factor authentication) but have not found a way from within the iOS app to have it request my Yubikey. Is this something possible within the app or does Yubikey only work from within a browser?

Thanks for the help.

@yvanchartrand, I use Bitwarden almost daily on my iPhone 8 using the Bitwarden app in the app store.

If you select “log out” from within the Bitwarden application, the next time you log in it will request the yubikey.

However, if you just lock or close the application it will not. This is by design.

I hope this has helped.

Super, this is exactly what I needed to know. Works well now, thank you.