Does Yubikey 5 NFC or Lighting/USB-C work with bitwarden on iOS

I have decided to get one or two Yubikeys to improve convinience and possibly increase my security. To help me choose which key to get i need to know if these keys are compatible with bitwarden.

Does Yubikey 5 NFC work with iPhone 11 Pro (Lightning/NFC)?
Does Lightning/USB-C work with?
Iphone 6S (Lightning, no NFC)
Ipad Pro 2018 (USB-C, no NFC i think)

just today Jan 01, 2021 joined bitwarden community.
Did you get an answer so far? I canĀ“t see one!
I did not manage to bring my newly acquried YubiKey 5ci (one of my xmas presents to myself!) to work with my iPhone 6 plus (no NFC as far as I know) but with lightning, that is why I chose YubiKey 5ci. But Bitwarden app on this iPhone 6 plus does not accept this YubiKey 5ci but requires NFC that I do not have! I am looking for a solution to this problem beyond my competence since I set my bitwarden account via desk- & laptop such as not (!) to ask for NFC!!!
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