Support YubiKey 5Ci on iOS

It’s really nice that a variety of 2FA options is supported, however it seems that Bitwarden on iPhone/Pad doesn’t support the new YubiKey 5Ci (the one with Type-C/Lightning) port.
When I try to login on iPhone it just expects the NFC key and if I plug-in the 5Ci key into the lightning port and press button nothing happens. On the iPad (with lightning) it just says that there’s no application that supports this accessory and redirects to the AppStore where bitwarden isn’t listed (LastPass and several other apps are listed there though).

Is it possible to support the Yubikey 5Ci on both iPhone and iPad? I bought it specifically to use on both devices :frowning:

Hm. Well, it’s supported. Just the input field isn’t visible
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I also have this issue. Can’t log into BW iOS app using 5Ci key.